All dogs that stay at my residence must be up to date on vaccines or have a recent titer. I do realize that some animals cannot have certain vaccines and I am willing to discuss it.


Before any services occur a meet and greet with your pets must happen. This just ensures that if they are coming to my house they get along with my animals as well. If they are at their own house it allows us the chance to see where things are at so that we can care for them.


If your pet is acting ill please do not bring them over. It is okay for you to cancel last minute for this reason. I do have pets of my own and if yours is ill I will call and ask you to come and pick them up. If they become ill and are in my care I will seek the necessary veterinary care.


We do keep dogs on leash. They may have recall for you but it is not guaranteed that they have recall for other individuals and we do not want to be responsible for them running off. That being said I do put long leads on dogs and let them drag them if I have been watching a dog long enough and am confident of the dogs recall.


We do need consent from you that when in our care we can take your pet to the vet if need be. We will try to contact you first but if unable to reach you or an emergency contact person then if deemed an emergency we will take your pet to the vet.


Please let us know of any sensitivities or ailments that your pets may have so that we can be aware of the norm for your pet. We do give treats and this helps us to know what not to feed. If you do not want us to feed treats at all let us know and we will not.


Please bring your pets food and something of theirs for their stay. I do have crates at my house if they need them but if you would like to bring theirs that is okay. I only use crates if dogs need to be crated when I leave the house.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. That being said we are a safe space and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other basis.

We reserve this right for the safety and comfort of our workers. If for any reason our workers are uncomfortable providing services to someone we do reserve this right. We will not force someone to provide a service if they feel they are unsafe for any reason.