Pet Sitters International

A membership providing a community of other pet sitters to communicate with. As well as, resources to further education in the animal world.


Business Insurers of the Carolina's

We are bonded and insured by the Business Insurers of the Carolina's.


This ensures that you and your pet are protected if anything were to happen while you are away.


Scruffington's endeavors to serve the Corvallis pet community with integrity and compassion.



This is an application that can be downloaded onto your mobile device and it tracks the distance that you walk while also raising money for a charity of your choosing. This app is used by our walkers to track our distances and so long as we remember to do so we will post our distance traveled on the Scruffington's Instagram so you can see how far we went that day.


Please be kind to our walkers. We are human and we forget sometimes. If the app is not started or we do not get the walk posted please do not harass the walkers. If harassment occurs then we do reserve the right toe decline future services.