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There Has Been a kerfluffle with the sites check out... So While We figure it out Please Contact us via the Contact form for booking and purchases

sometimes you've just got to be a little scruffy
a dirty dog is a happy dog

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My name is Krystal Roberts, I have been a veterinary assistant for the last five years in a professional and volunteer capacity. During this time, I found that there was great need for a pet sitter that could work with animals that had special needs. So I began pet sitting on an as needed basis.

In 2019 my 15 year old dog Dakota developed cognitive dysfunction and needed someone available to be with her at all times. So I founded Scruffington's as a way to work with other special needs animals as well as my own.


Pet sleepovers are vacations for your pets while you are away. They stay at my house and are treated as one of my own. We cuddle on the couch, play and go on walks. They ...
Pooch Sleepover
12 hr
Beginning at $25/day




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